Housing Insecurity Solutions Employers

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What is housing insecurity?  In Invermere many of our employees have been evicted through no fault of their own over and over as their rental homes are converted from long term to short term rentals.  Renters live in constant fear that they will be asked to move out or their rents will be raised.  They often have to accept unsafe or uncomfortable home environments just to stay in the valley.  Sometimes a 4 bedroom home will  house 8 people all with different schedules.

At this point, almost every employee that is renting in Invermere has experience some level of housing insecurity and hiring new employees that have not secured housing is almost impossible due to lack of vacancies.

What can we do about this?  I propose that home ownership is the solution for many of these renters.  Home ownership allows your employee to put down roots in our community, to stabilize monthly payments and begin to build equity.  Home ownership also lifts your employee from a month to month strategist to a long term planner that will be able to look forward to a future retirement.

Pinetree Valley offers homes that are brand new, with lower monthly energy bills, that are built in a quiet, residential neighbourhood.  Pinetree Valley is walking distance to all three schools which is great for parents or for future resale!

What can you do to help your employee make the move?

Generation Homes wants to support you and your employees.  We offer customized seminars on building credit, saving for your downpayment and personalized appointments to help your employees understand their individual credit history and what they can do to improve their report.

Employer bonuses are a great way to kick start saving for downpayment!  Other great ideas are save up matching programs to help your employee move a little faster into home ownership.


Helping your employees solve their housing issues helps you too!  It builds a loyal, happy staff!

Other Options...

Some employees are just not quite ready to buy a home.  Long term rentals are also under construction.  Contact Generation Homes to find out more about the homes that will be available.  Generation Homes will work with business owners to ensure that the rentals are available to keep our businesses running smoothly.

How do I get started?

Call Shauna Sillem at 250-688-0631 to set up an introductory appointment or email for more information [email protected]