The Farmhouse

The Farmhouses have all been sold but a new community will be underway shortly. Please stay in touch for more information on our next outstanding community.

The Farmhouse is located in the heart of Invermere and includes 30 new homes. Twelve of the homes are designed with one bedroom some of which are accessible! Twelve of the homes have two bedrooms and will be perfect for roommates or small families. The remaining 6 homes are designed with families in mind with 3 bedrooms and small yards. The Farmhouse has been designed to provide long lasting quality, low maintenance homes for our community. We are looking forward to seeing the new residents move in this fall!

Why did we call this community “the Farmhouse”?

Gagetek Farmhouse and outbuilding.
My niece Mya and I the fall before construction began.

The old Gagetek farmhouse has been a part of Invermere since it was established in 1940 and lived in by the Gagetek family since the 1950’s.

The Gagetek’s loved their eclectic little farmhouse and their large garden.  As a nod to the Gagetek family and their little farm we have designed “Modern Farmhouse” style homes and called our community “the Farmhouse.”

While it’s a little sad that this quaint old farmhouse was demolished, it will be a great chance for people of Invermere to have homes walking distance to hospital and medical care, the Pharmasave, and grocery stores.

Some people have asked whether the house could be saved and or restored… Unfortunately the home was built with many materials containing asbestos and other hazards.  While the old farm home wasn’t able to be saved, we saved as many materials as possible and repurposed them to keep them out of the landfill.

This building has six homes. Four of the homes have one bedroom – the remaining 2 homes are designed for families with three bedrooms and back yards!

A one bedroom design

We are proud that our Farmhouse community will improve the living situations for 30 Invermere families and can’t wait to start our next community!