Pinetree Valley – Rentals

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Finding a nice place to live in Invermere can be a challenge....

Between Air BnB's, lack of purpose built rental homes and a huge amount of growth in our beautiful town finding a place to live has become a huge challenge.  Businesses can't find staff because there is no place to live causing our vibrant town to reduce hours at restaurants and shops.

As a local business, Generation Homes has felt the same pressure as the rest of the town and we are working hard to do our part to manage this stressor.  68 new homes are going to be constructed over the next two and half years specifically for rental.  The homes will range from one to four bedrooms filling a variety of needs.  The homes are also going to built to Step Code 4 ensuring that the homes are both comfortable, efficient and durable.  Renters can look forward to heat pumps which supply both heat and air conditioning, maintenance free Hardie exteriors, durable vinyl plank flooring and many other great finishes.


When is this happening?

The site is busy!  Currently there are 16 homes under construction with the first move in dates predicted for Summer 2024.  If you are a business owner in Invermere and are interested in leasing a home or multiple homes for employees give us a call.